What do you know about Alaskan salmon?

What do you know about Alaskan salmon?

For a start, there is no such thing as Alaskan salmon. Actually, there are lots of different types of salmon from Alaska and so it helps if you know what you prefer or at least get to know it.

Wild alaska smoked salmon Kodiak has five different types which are distinctive and have their own taste. Here’s the list; King (Chinook) salmon, Red (sockeye) salmon, Silver (coho) salmon, chum (keta) salmon and pink salmon. If you’ve had more than one of them, you’ll already know there are differences.

Did you know salmon is anadromous?

As complex as that word seems it simply means the salmon get about a bit. Salmon are born in freshwater, which means in rivers and lakes. When they get to a certain age they will head for the sea. They can live in the sea for years. King salmon remain in the sea longest for example.

Wild alaska smoked salmon Kodiak

However, there comes a time when a salmon gets the urge to breed and at this point, they head back upstream into the fresh water once more.  It is a perilous journey. We have all seen pictures of bears waiting at the top of a rapid picking off the salmon as they try and jump back upstream.

As if being picked off by a bear or a hawk isn’t bad enough, once the breeding season is over the salmon who do make it back to spawning grounds die. It is a tough life.

Alaskan salmon is a sustainable industry

Fishing for salmon in Alaska is a regulated activity and closely monitored to ensure it is manageable for the fish and for the people who make their living from the industry.

If you’ve only had one type of salmon, now’s the time to try more.