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You Can Still Grill Even Though It Is Fall

When it comes to steaks and chicken or even sausages, cooking them al fresco is one of life’s great pleasures. Getting the taste and flavors of outdoors even in the middle of the winter is a treat.

When it comes to adding flavor, grilling spices make all the difference and there are more ways to use them than at first is obvious.

Rubs and marinades

A rub is a combination of spices or herbs and spices which is rubbed into the mean or tossed on the vegetables and allowed to sit for a while and has a chance to permeate.

grilling spices

A marinade has a liquid element of some sort. This might be anything from wine, wine vinegar, soy sauce or even olive oil. The liquid is used as a mechanism to carry the spices into the food and it is sitting in the marinade that causes the fibers to break down.

What spices work on the grill?

A great place to start when considering spices is salt. One the one hand it is obvious and familiar, but it also it isn’t. Many people have come across pink Himalayan salt, but that’s only one of the many exotic salt varieties available. To know what you want to use, you have to taste them. This is not the fine salt we see in restaurants, but more the large flakes of salt where you can get the distinct flavor with a single granule. They are sometimes called finishing salts

After salt, the world is truly yours. If you’re cooking vegetables like squash or zucchini add some turmeric or cumin for an exotic flavor of the east. Turmeric will also color any food bright yellow. The trick is to test and see what you like.