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Best Pastries for the Office

Spending the day in an office with other people allows you to form close knit relationships with many of them. As such, you want to do the little things that make your fellow employees smile. Everyone has an easier way when there are smiles across the board. An easy way to start the day at the office the right ways with fresh baked pastries brought in for everyone to enjoy.

Everyone loves a nice sweet pastry treats from time to time. There are many pastry selections to choose from to accommodate the office crew. It is ideal to switch things up when taking pastries into the office so everyone enjoys the fun. When you take a variety of selections, everyone can take their pick of yummy pastries. Some of the best office pastries that should consider bringing include:

Cinnamon Rolls

Frosted, gooey, irresistible cinnamon rolls are bit messy but the treat is so tasty, your coworkers won’t mind need for a few napkins to enjoy one of these treats. You can make your own cinnamon rolls or purchase at the local bakery.


Turnovers are flaky pastries that contain various fruits or flavor inside. Apple, cherry and chocolate are among the popular pastry flavors but tons of other options exist that allow you to expand your taste buds and ensure that there is something for everyone in the selection box.


donuts elk grove

You can never go wrong when you bring in donuts elk grove. Most people enjoy the glazed goodness of a donut, especially early in the morning when they arrive at the office. Choose regular glazed, chocolate, and many other options.

A Great Day at the Office

When there are pastries at the office, it is always a great day ahead. Be the cause of the great day and choose one of the above pastries to take in with you tomorrow.